A Quest of Choice by Rene Alcantar

The beginner sword from the first day she was thrusted into this fantasy realm now stood at her side. It’s chipped wooden blade had grown to be as tall as she and thanks to the shimmering crystal embedded into the hilt it now stood levitating above ground. Thanks to this simple enchantment that made a beginner sword elevate its status into a high level weapon often found at the end of dungeons.

At her other side stood her faithful traveling companions trembling in their tracks. They were honest men but neither of them were adventurers or had the courage to take up a quest of this magnitude if not for Laiza. There was Zanxus with his mighty name who was infact merely a stagehand who would sweep the flowers off stage floors after a performance. He came to stand upon the petals not in search of fame and fortune but for validation. Truth be told Nemeer was a bona fide lyricist. His craft led him to write poems, melodies, and even a two part stage play revolving around the antics of a fictional hero very loosely based on himself. Much like Laiza they all took part in something related to what they truthfully wanted to be a part of but that wasn’t close enough to the experience they were searching for. It wasn’t until all three of our unlikely band of heroes met that they were able to escape their reality and begin to live the life they were in search of.

Standing side by side they face their shared road block standing between their holy grail. Trembling in the mud they stand before Tor. A gnarly figure two times their height made of shadows standing upon a gentle staircase. The wind around his frame chilly like a summers drink screaming in agony at his presence and right behind him sat their goal. A silver chest encrusted in diamonds which echoed his haze figure. The chest said to hold the golden key necessary to reopen the bridge between their world and Laizas. To restore the balance between good and evil, and allow Laiza to return home to her expecting parents. To the comfort of her family and the normality of her quilted bed and the roar of her gentle fireplace. This was what they were searching for, this was what they had endured many sleepless nights for. Nemeer would finally have his own story to tell and Zanxus name would be cheered on by all those who gaze upon his performance.

Through their travels Laiza learned that her conviction was her ultimate power and through this she learned to master her own weapon. Looking the dark creature head on, a centimeter snarl on her face arose. She lifted her finger with ease and the wooden blade followed lifting itself off the ground following her motion. High above Tors head it came bolting down cutting a few inches into his body but he did not falter. As the blade passed Tors shoulder Laizas blade became heavy on her finger. A simple snap escaped her finger as she tried to hold it up with her opposite arm. Sweat dripping from her brow. With both arms she tried to push her arm down hoping to finish off Tor but the blade would not budge. Tor, regaining his balance stepped into the blade making his way closer to Laiza. The air seemed to part at his intrusion. Zanxus was the first to move towards Laiza.

“Forgive me.” He said and began to adjust his weight onto her arm sending Laiza into a screaming pain.

Neemar knew he would be hurting his friend but in order to defeat their common enemy he hoped she would understand and he too joined. Laiza could feel her bones expanding, the flesh above turning a peach pink. Tears lulled down her eyes trying with all her might not to break into a sob. The blade now lodged in Tors chest began to budge once again. Very Slowly, it was moving down. Tor was at his capacity on patience when he moved to step down onto their level misreading the distance of the stairs. Tor overstepped falling hard on his front leg where he thought he was walking onto leveled ground. The combined force of his fall and of the efforts of Laiza, Zanxus, and Neemer were enough to send the blade through his chest and through his heart. The strong blade ripped the shadow from his body leaving a figure made of dust in Tors place.

“You have freed me of my curse.” he said as dust ran down his cheeks. He waved toward the chest.

“Please take what you have been searching for, Its the least that I can offer.” and dissipated into the wind.

Laiza walked over to the silver chest wincing at her injury. Opened the chest. Examined the golden key she had wanted all this time and closed its door leaving the key inside. She could no longer return to the normality that was once her life. For she knew the wonder of the world she had saved and she knew there was more to experience there than she could ever imagine back at home.

“Friends, I can’t leave now, our quest has just begun. I will not be thrusted out of my life once again. This time, I choose my life.”

Snot of joy came tracing down her companions noses.

A loud roar erupted across the sky. The ground began to fall into an abyss taking whole mountains of terrain. Their sky turned a receding orange. All around them was chaos. The cries of the forest which had so far remained silent echoed into earshot.

The heavens voice spoke out. “She’s flatlining!”

Laiza adorned a bewildered face as she proceeded to keel over, grabbing her head, and screaming in torment. Succumbing to the feeble position waiting for the pit to take her. Her friends now gone from sight.


One thought on “A Quest of Choice by Rene Alcantar

  1. It wasn’t a difficult challenge but it was a fun one. I enjoyed working in a somewhat fantasy setting, though i wish i could of elaborated on so much more that i imagined going on behind the scenes. I hope anyone who reads this has a sense of enjoyment and a “really?” type of thought crosses their mind soon after.

    The majority of my work hasn’t seen the light of day but i plan on posting more short stories while working on a longer novel. For those interested please follow me on my wattpad. I plan to update it very soon.



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