Mind’s Eye by Mickaela Casper

A girl with bright red hair walks across the shore of a great wide body of water. A massive castle sits across the water from where she stands, old and made of stone. The girl watches the waves as they bubble onto the sand and across her bare toes. She wiggles them and looks up, just as a much larger wave crashes against the shore and soaks her to the bone. She stands dripping, but otherwise unfazed by the wet that clings her clothes to her form.

Dropping to her knees, she presses a palm against the ground as a distant sound meets her ears. The earth rumbles and she draws in a deep breath. She returns to her feet and begins running along the shore, her bare feet coming in contact with twigs and pebbles but she pays no mind to it, her on her destination alone. Her toes dig into the sand as she comes to a sudden stop around the bend and in the same moment the sky fills with a deafening screech accompanied by a gust of air that nearly knocks her to the ground. The wind carries her hair up and its strands reach skyward as if she were hanging from her knees off a tree branch.

Ahead of her a ways, emerging from the water is a gigantic beast, at least three times the size of the huge castle. As she observes, its jaws alone could chomp down on two hundred men without a thought. The girl concludes it must have to eat a thousand times that to actually satisfy a hunger. And yet, she doesn’t run, or grow faint from fear. She stands with her feet planted and puts a fist over her heart.

“I will defeat this monster.” She pledges to no one in particular.

Walking to a tree, she sits under it and closes her eyes. An army gathers outside the castle and one by one, entire groups are swallowed by the great beast.

“Why do you sit there, maiden?!” Cries a soldier on his way to give his life nobly for the kingdom. But she gives him no answer. Screams of dying men echo into the darkness, and as the sound of lives ending meet the girls ears, a few stray tears roll down her face.

She opens her eyelids, but rather than eyes a bright light glows from behind them. She takes a slow breath before calling out in a dialect long forgotten.

“Den échete kamía thésì edó, thirío.” The foreign syllables roll eloquently off her tongue and the beast writhes in response to her voice. “Fýgete tóra, í na antimetopísei tin orgí mou.” Angry, the monster advances towards her at an alarming pace, though she but lifts a hand at it. “Prépei na fýgei!” She shouts, her voice raising in volume. A piercing scream echoes throughout the land as the creature—

“Mama!” Cries a very young girl, plucking a wet red-haired doll out of her brothers hand. “He’s playing with my things again!”

“Aleksy! What did Mama say about playing with your sisters toys?”

“Not without permission…” Aleksy’s mopey tone recites. “Sorry Kaarina.”

“Good boy.” Mama says, returning to her garden. Aleksy sighs, looking over the kiddy pool he’s sitting in. Dozens of army men are underwater and a dragon toy lay knocked over on its side, army men sticking out of its mouth. He picks it up and tosses it aside.

“Many men died, but many more were saved thanks to the red-haired maiden. She was never seen again after her defeat of the great monster.”


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